Okko Pro Magnetic Neutral Density 10 Stop Filter (1000)


The Okko Pro Magnetic ND filters are a photographer's perfect companion. Crafted with precision, these innovative filters let you effortlessly control and manipulate light. Embrace the beauty of long exposures, achieve perfect exposure balance, and capture captivating imagery like never before. Trust the Magnetic ND Filter to deliver exceptional results.

  • Magnetic outer ring for additional filters
  • German B270 Schott glass
  • No colour casting
  • Colour neutrality
  • Aluminum frame
  • Anti-Reflection & Anti-Fingerprint totaling 16 layers
  • Slim filter frame helping to avoid vignetting
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to use with magnetic lens caps
  • All weather sealed

Only compatible with an Okko Pro Magnetic UV or Magnetic Adapter Ring.